Window Wells

Installing Window Wells in Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Northern Connecticut

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Window Wells Installation

Window wells are essential as they encircle the egress exit window and act as a barrier of protection for your basement. Window wells are critical to keeping water from getting into below-grade windows and your basement.

Maintaining Window Wells

Windows wells are a fantastic addition to our homes that lets more light and fresh air into our place. But for that, we need to ensure that window wells are adequately maintained. Here are some tips on maintenance of window wells-

  • Clean debris- Look out for dirt and debris. Clean them properly. So dirt or rubbish do not crowd the window wells space because dirt and debris may clog the drain.
  • Vacuum- Try to use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to clean the place besides removing debris.
  • Clear ice and snow- Try not to let ice and snow pile up in your window wells place as this could clog the strain as well
  • Fix drainage system- If your drainage system isn’t proper, then fix it. Having a functional drainage system is essential for
  • Use cover- Try using cover so that dirt and debris or other things do not pile up near your window wells, causing the block to drain the block.
  • Take professional help- The best thing you can do to maintain your window wells is to take professional service from time to time.

Benefits of Window Wells

Window Wells

Installing window wells will save your egress windows from a variety of problems. Some of the fantastic benefits of installing window wells are-

  • It prevents water infiltration and flooding in your basement.
  • It directs sunlight into the basement.
  • It keeps dirt, weeds, and plants from growing too close to your egress windows.
  • It protects your windows and home from bad weather and exterior water damage.
  • It saves energy and provides better ventilation.

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