Window Wells Installation in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Window Wells Installed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Connecticut

If you're thinking about remodeling or turning your basement into a living area, you must also think about installing egress windows and window wells. Window wells are essential as they encircle the egress exit window and act as a barrier of protection for your basement. Window wells are especially important to keep water from getting into below-grade windows and your basement.

Because egress windows are installed below grade level, outside elements such as water, debris, dirt, plants, vermin, and insects can easily collect around the egress window and dirt floor - which can be problematic for your basement. You also run the risk of indoor flooding and exterior water damage from rain, snow or ice. However, our window wells from Cellar Door Company will protect your home and keep these issues from accumulating around your window well and they will also invite more direct light into your basement.

There are many sizes and shapes to choose from for window wells and they are also available in various durable and weather-resistant materials. No matter which material you choose, your window wells must meet egress compliant requirements depending on the size of your egress window.

Benefits of Installing Window Wells

Installing window wells will protect your egress windows from a variety of potential problems. Some of the benefits of installing window wells include:

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  • Prevents water infiltration and flooding in your basement
  • Directs sunlight into the basement
  • Keeps dirt, weeds, and plants from growing too close to your egress windows
  • Protects your windows and home from bad weather and exterior water damage
  • Saves energy and provides better ventilation

If you need egress windows or window wells for your home in Rhode Island or Massachusetts areas, Cellar Door Company is the name to trust. Contact us today at 844-641-0905 for fast and superior service.