Egress Windows Installation in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Egress Windows Installed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Northern Connecticut

Egress windows can benefit your home in many ways, especially if you have a basement where egress windows are most commonly installed. In fact, if you have a basement in your home, egress windows can greatly enhance security, natural light and increase the value of your home.

Egress windows are often called exit windows because they provide an easy escape route for areas below ground level if there is ever a fire or an emergency that requires a quick exit. They also provide sunlight and enhanced airflow in dark basements. This makes for a much better living situation if you use your basement for a living area or bedroom and it can also help you save on your energy bills.

Installing Egress Windows in Your Basement

The process for installing egress windows is delicate as it typically requires work with your foundation so it's always best to trust a reputable window installer, like Cellar Door Company to handle the installation. When installing egress windows, they must meet all building code requirements to ensure a safe escape and also allow access for police and firefighters in case there is a need of rescue. There are also specific size requirements that these windows must meet since they must allow an easy escape for people of many sizes.

Before installing your new egress basement windows, we can walk you through the requirements and specifications to figure out the best place to install your egress windows and ensure they meet all requirements. Because egress windows are opened towards the outside so they will also need window wells installed.

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At Cellar Door Company, we can install quality egress windows and window wells so that your new basement windows meet all code requirements. We offer both slider egress windows, as well as casement egress windows for homes in Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Northern CT. Contact us today at 844-641-0905 to find out more about our egress window installations.