Egress Window

Egress Windows Installation & Replacement in Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Northern CT

An egress window is a large window usually used for emergency entry and exit. It doesn’t only add value and beauty to your home, but it is considered as an emergency exit in the time of crisis for its occupants.

Egress windows are not just a window but a necessity for most buildings and apartments as per law and building code. There are specific criteria for a basement egress window to be an egress window. According to International Residential Code, an egress window has to have an opening width of at least 20 inches, an opening height of at least 24 inches, a still maximum of 44 inches and a net clear opening of about 5.7 per square foot.

Egress Window Installation

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Types of Egress Windows

There are various types of egress windows available. Some of them are-

  • Basement egress windows
  • Skylight egress windows
  • Single-hung egress windows
  • Double-hung egress windows
  • Casement egress windows
  • Awning egress windows

Top Benefits of Egress Windows

Egress Window

There are uncountable benefits of egress windows. Here are some top advantages of egress windows you can look forward to-

  • It allows natural light to enter and flood your otherwise dark basement. It is more extensive; it naturally allows more light into your space, making it look brighter and attractive.
  • When it comes to the safety and security of your place, egress windows are unmatchable. They provide a safe exit and entry in times of emergency like a fire. If you install an egress window in every room of your basement, it will ensure a safe evacuation route for all your family members.
  • If you want to add extra value to your residence, then an egress window is the way. By adding an egress window in your basement, the value of your place will automatically increase.
  • Installing an egress window or replacing your older window with an egress window will make your living situation more comfortable. Because there will be more light, and you will be assured of a safe exit point.
  • Egress windows are aesthetically highly pleasing to look at. It will make your place look prettier.
  • Egress windows can be a good option for you if you are thinking about waterproofing your basement.

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