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Bulkhead doors are sloped basement doors that are used outside residences as basement entrances and exits. These angled doors hide the exterior stairwells of the basement. For basement door entry selection, bulkhead doors are the best option.

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How to Waterproof a Leaking Bulkhead Door?

Bulkhead Doors Installation

Bulkhead doors are heavy, strong doors that protect your basement from break-ins or unwanted from entering. But if these doors fail to stop water for leakage or any other reason, then it might damage your valuables kept in the basement. Here are a few things you can do to waterproof your leaking bulkhead doors-

  • Locating the leak- For taking appropriate measurements, it is essential first to find the exact location of the leak. There could be various reasons leading to the leak of your bulkhead door, like rust, improperly sealed joints, cracks etc. So to repair the leak, it is essential to locate its position and check if there are other leaks.
  • Apply sealant- The next important step is to apply sealant. It is better to check the weather as sealants need a few days to dry, so sunny weather would be good to apply sealant. You can use giant fans to dry adhesives as well. But it would help if you cleaned the cracked or leaking area of any dust, dirt, or debris before applying sealants.
  • Waterproof sealant- It is essential to use good quality waterproof sealant so that water can’t penetrate through it—for example- weather stripping seals, rubber seals, self-adhesives etc.
    Remove or replace the door- If the damage seems undesirable or too much, replace the old door with a new bulkhead door.

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