Sliding Egress Windows Installation

Installing Sliding Egress Windows in Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Northern Connecticut

Egress Windows Job

Egress windows or Sliding egress windows are commonly installed in basements to enhance natural light, security, and standard living situation. Installing egress windows/sliding egress windows increase the value of your home as well. So installing egress windows will benefit you in many ways.

Installing sliding egress windows is a delicate job as it directly involves working with the foundation of your house. So efficient and an expert team of people must handle such crucial jobs like maintaining building codes, fire safety exit, police entry-exit, etc. Here at Cellar Door Company, we have a professional team to meet all these requirements.

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Types of Egress Windows

The most common three types of egress windows are-

  • Double-hung egress windows- Two overlapping sashes crest these common types of windows across a horizontal middle. Double-hung egress windows are seen in both old and new homes.
  • Sliding egress windows- These types of window styles are like sliding doors. They open from side to side, unlike double-hung windows.
  • Casement egress windows- Casement egress windows style are like windows or doors. These types of windows open in or out.

Advantages of Sliding Egress Windows in Your Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Northern CT homes

Sliding egress windows have numerous benefits to suit your different needs. Here are some advantages to look for-

  • Sliding egress windows are durable.
  • Sliding egress windows allow more natural light to enter your basement
  • Sliding egress windows are easy to handle
  • Sliding egress windows are energy efficient
  • Sliding egress windows allow maximum ventilation

Why Residents of Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Northern Connecticut Should Rely on Us?

Cellar Door Installation

We at Cellar Door Company are passionate about giving you an exceptional home improvement experience. Our highly skilled and trained team will make sure to get you the best possible service without any issues. We also pride ourselves in installing cellar doors or egress windows within a day or two. Please read our reviews to know us better.

We value our employees, and they come to work smiling, and they genuinely love their work. That’s why we can provide you a safe and secure installation without disrupting your privacy and personal space.

Besides installing egress windows, we also give services like a complete cellar entry system, Bulkhead door replacement, design services, and many more. Our service areas also include in Rhode Island.

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