Casement Egress Windows Installation

Casement Egress Windows Installation in Rhodes Island, Massachusetts &Northern Connecticut

Casement Egress Windows Advantages

Egress windows or casement egress windows can highly advantageous to your homes, especially for your basements. Any egress window, particularly a casement egress window, can enhance the security of your home to a great extent. These windows will allow more sunlight into your home as it’s pretty spacious in design.

Egress windows are known as exit windows because they allow you to exit quickly in emergencies like fire or any danger. Specially casement egress windows are easy to escape in emergencies as it is easy to open and wide enough for a person to enter or exit.

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What is a casement egress window?

A casement window is designed like standard windows are doors where hinges are attached to its sides, and they open in and out. You can open them with handles or rotating levers.

Casement windows can be open entirely so that they can be smaller in size but still meet the International Residential Code (IRC) criteria where minimum width opening is 20 inches, minimum height opening is 24 inches, the minimum net clear opening is 5.7 square feet, and maximum sill height above the floor is about 44 inches.

Benefits of casement egress windows for you Rhode Island homes

Casement Egress Windows Benefits

Casement egress windows have many benefits. Some of them are-

  • Clear view with maximum sunlight- As the windows are spacious and can be opened fully, these allow a clear picture of the outside and let enough sunlight enter.
  • Keep your home ventilated- Another fantastic benefit of a casement window is that it can be opened fully, so your home is well ventilated.
  • Lesser noise pollution- Casement windows let’s minimum noise to enter your house when closed.
  • Protect home from harmful UV light- Casement windows protect your house from damage by harmful UV rays.

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